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scoutPRO® Fantasy Football software, the product of Competitive Sports Analysis, LLC., is designed to give the Fantasy Football General Manager (GM) the ultimate advantage.

scoutPRO is a fantasy football player analyzer, roster analyzer and team analyzer all rolled into one. scoutPRO also functions as a premier fantasy football draft evaluator so that you can ensure a winning team from the draft through the championship game.  The result is precise analysis of data that gives GMs the predictions to dominate their preseason NFL fantasy draft and set their rosters with greater efficiency.  

About scoutPRO

Our fantasy football analyzer provides the most accurate player recommendations and NFL draft predictions by utilizing the following assets:

  • The analysis of objective player performance statistical categories, such as rushing, catches, sacks and more.
  • Fantasy football team analysis of subjective data, such as injuries, matchups and weather conditions.
  • Player comparisons and ratings based on position and individual skill sets conducted by leading fantasy football expert analyzers.

What Lifts scoutPRO Fantasy Football Above the Competition?

Real Results — When our player analyzer tool goes up against other effective fantasy football sites and experts in the field, it’s been proven to score at an increased rate based on the accuracy of its predictions.

Cutting-Edge Capabilities — Created and authenticated by the Georgia Institute of Technology Systems Engineering staff, we use data verification protocols that allow us to better track the information we provide for NFL draft pick tips within our fantasy football draft evaluator, player stats and injury updates within our and weekly player predictions.

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Our New Product for Coaches

Our new scoutPRO product was created to give NCAA and NFL coaches a tool to exploit favorable match-ups with opponents — essential to devising winning strategies. Please visit our scoutPRO for Coaches product page to see a demonstration of how this “game-changing” software can help fortify your winning program.

Your Fantasy Football Experts

CSA is made up of a collection of team members with backgrounds in a diverse range of disciplines, enabling us to supply the most accurate and relevant Fantasy Football information. We combine expertise in everything from digital media, technology and business to athletic instruction and sports to ensure we offer the best fantasy football player analyzer on the Web.

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