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The Advantage of scoutPRO® Fantasy Football Prediction Software

In the world of fantasy football, the general manager with the most accurate information usually gets bragging rights long after the season is over. Pundits, talking heads and bloggers are constantly broadcasting their opinions, but scoutPRO fantasy football prediction software breaks through the chatter by combining statistical data with analysis from our high stakes experts.  We’re proud to offer the only fantasy football projection software that merges data from both objective and subjective sources.

scoutPRO’s innovative methodology takes the guess work out of fantasy football by calculating skill ratings and converting them into fantasy points, so GMs have an accurate, numerical measurement to help them make winning decisions. Fancy, eh?

Don’t believe us?  Then ask the subscribers of our fantasy football prediction software - 80% say they've found scoutPRO's analysis to be valuable or very valuable, and the vast majority say they plan to re-subscribe next season. Bam!

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Comprehensive Fantasy Football Predictions

Winning coaches look at the historical performance and individual skills of their players as well as those of the opponent to make strategic gridiron decisions. scoutPRO’s fantasy football software uses this same coaching model to regularly update projections based on opponents, player skills such as arm strength, injuries, past performance and even game-day weather. For example, we deliver fantasy points for an offensive player based on his skill ratings and the ratings of the defensive line he’s up against.

Fantasy Football Software for NFL Draft Picks and Roster Building

Back in the good ‘ol days, GMs were forced to guess at things like the top draft picks or read through numerous fantasy football predictions. With scoutPRO’s fantasy football projection software, you can parse the data yourself. You’ll be able to see in black-and-white who are the best picks and why. That way you can make the best weekly decisions on who you should start and who you need to sit.

In addition, building your roster has never been easier. scoutPRO’s subscribers can customize their settings based on any of the top 11 fantasy site settings as well as their individual league rules.

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scoutPRO has four different subscription levels to choose from:

  • $149.99 NFL Professional - The professional level is for the high stakes player looking for an added edge. You will receive everything from the projector level plus much more. The added features include unlimited access to our fantasy expert Nelson Sousa. You will get one-on-one draft prep, as well as weekly calls with him throughout the season. You will also receive weekly in-depth analysis on three players of your choice. 
  • $59.99 NFL ProjectorWith the projector subscription level, you get an inside look into — depth charts, player stats, our e-newsletter, full player rankings, predictive data/fantasy points, compare players tool, trade analyzer tool, lineup optimizer tool and email Q&A with our NFL experts. For full access to our fantasy expert, upgrade to the professional level. 
  • $19.99 NFL Performer — The performer level gives you access to depth charts, player stats, our e-newsletter, full player rankings, predictive data/fantasy points and a tool to compare players. For access to our trade analyzer tool, lineup optimizer tool and email Q&A with our NFL experts, upgrade to the projector level.
  • Free Picker — A free picker subscription gives you a taste of what scoutPRO can do for you. Check out depth charts, player stats, our e-newsletter and top ten player rankings.

scoutPRO fantasy football software is the most accurate and trusted roster optimizer for draft picks, NFL player injury reports and expert analysis. Why wait? Register now!


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