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Accurate Fantasy Football Analysis

Ever wonder how the top NFL franchises are able to repeat their success season after season? They have a system in place that provides the ability to gather relevant information and use it to make accurate roster optimization decisions. If you’re a fantasy football general manager (GM) with your mind set on getting a jump on the competition, scoutPRO is a comprehensive solution that has just what you need to run a program with superior results.

The basis of our award-winning fantasy football program is a system of analysis that calls on historical tendencies and subjecting ratings to identify the strengths and weaknesses of players in specific situations. Using the highly accurate scoutPRO data, we can produce draft rankings analysis that enable members to optimize their roster and decide who to start each week of the season.

What Makes scoutPRO Different

scoutPRO not only collects, calculates and provides reports on all relevant NFL player data, but it also takes analysis to another level by adding in a human element. We feature some of the most well-known and respected high-stakes fantasy sports players on our website to bring an added layer of sophistication to our analysis. An advanced algorithm that accounts for an extensive combination of statistics and performance factors, mixed with expert advice from individuals proven to consistently outscore the competition, equates to more accurate predictions and results.  

Our fantasy football software makes life easy for over-worked GMs by doing everything from importing and managing multiple rosters to researching key decisions that shape a team’s success. Cutting edge optimization tools take the legwork out of managing a dominating fantasy football program. We don’t just supply broad lists of player ratings and make blanket predictions; we provide a customized experience based on your roster composition, league rules and competitors to help you make the best decisions on who to start, who to trade and how individuals stack up in head-to-head comparisons.

The Power of Advanced Analysis

Fantasy football tools provide an analytical edge to help GMs optimize their roster and dominate their league. With scoutPRO software, you can calculate weekly scoring projections for each player on your team and make key decisions. Our members can also generate head-to-head player comparisons to identify the fantasy performers with the greatest scoring potential for their specific league and even analyze prospective trades and strategies using our Trade Creator.


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