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With scoutPRO’s fantasy football compare players tool, you will make the best decisions on the way to a winning fantasy football season. All premium scoutPRO subscribers (anyone at the Performer, Projetor or Professional scout level) have access to this unique tool. Here’s a sneak peak at how it works. Magic, huh?



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How Does scoutPRO’s Compare Players Tool Work?

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Want to know how to become a dominant force in fantasy football? Start comparing players like a pro. Comparing fantasy players has never been simpler or more efficient than with our easy-to-use tool for scoutPRO subscribers. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: After you subscribe to scoutPRO and create or upload your roster, you can access the Compare Players tool.  Go to the Player Analysis tab from anywhere in the Member Area, and select Player Comparison from the menu. 

Step 2: Select two players you want to compare by clicking on their listed names. The fantasy football starter comparison tool allows you to compare players at the same position or at different positions.

Step 3: The system will automatically generate a detailed report on the selected players that will appear in a pop-up box on the screen. Results contain side-by-side strength ratings based on a variety of different skill sets (ex: For QBs, arm strength, passing accuracy, poise in the pocket). The skills and attributes taken into account vary by position.

Step 4: After you successfully assess the two players’ fantasy football strength ratings, simply close the pop-up box to end the comparison.

Step 5: If you wish to continue, either select two new players to compare or swap out one of the original selected players to start a fresh comparison.

scoutPRO’s Player Comparison Tool Makes Choosing Between Two Players Simple


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