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What makes scoutPRO different from other DFS analytics?

scoutPRO provides one-of-a-kind analytics to our subscribers at the Projector and Professional level. Our weekly DFS analytics reports help daily fantasy sports players with easy to understand graphs and charts. Here’s an example of a few of the reports we have produced in 2016. In our reports, we look at different statistics for each position and assess the value players will have based on their matchup, projected points (which comes from scoutPRO’s algorithm), efficiency, red zone analysis and more. 

1) DFS Analysis by Position

We break down all of your player options for the week and assess value passed on salary, projected points, and the defense they are going up against. 

 Qb daily fantasy value and analysis

DFS analytics- QB value


2) Player Usage Reports

Opportunity is one of the biggest predictors of the success of your players. This report highlights which players receive the most carries and targets every single week. Along with that, it shows who is on the field for the most snaps. 

DFS analytics- RB opportunity


3) DFS Stacks Analysis

A risky but beneficial DFS strategy when executed well is called “stacking.” Our weekly report finds the best stacks based on value. It’s a calculated risk that scoutPRO helps you analyze. Stack Analysis is for our Professional Subscribers Only!DFS stacks analysis


4) Passing and Rushing Defense Analysis

It’s always important to consider the defense your potential picks are going up against. We take a look at the passing and rushing success of each defense based on DFS scoring systems so you can target the league’s worst and stay away from the best.


Daily Fantasy Football Defense Analysis


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Customized DFS Reports for Professional Scouts

In 2015, scoutPRO introduced the “Professional Scout,” our VIP subscription level. There’s many reasons to join the exclusive club of professional scouts, but one of the biggest advantages applies to daily games players. Here’s why:

- Professional scouts can request customized DFS analytics reports each week for players they would like to target and analyze.

- You want analysis? We provide it. Whatever you want, our analytics team is here to crunch the data for you. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on just the decision-making and not the grunt work.

- Our pro, Nelson, will be there to guide you every step of the way. You can even schedule weekly phone calls to talk strategy and e-mail him 24/7 with any questions or decisions you want to talk through about your DFS rosters.

Winning With scoutPRO's DFS Analytics

Anyone can play on daily games sites like DraftKings and Fanduel, but it takes more than just a few minutes of research to win big. scoutPRO’s DFS NFL analytics can provide the edge to “sharks” who account for most of the winnings on these sites. With guidance from our daily games reports, you can escape the masses and become a top DFS player. All you need is that extra edge from our daily fantasy football analysis. We also help with DFS strategy by providing reports such as our best and worst stacks for the week. We try to keep our daily fantasy advice up to date! 

Subscribe today and gain access to scoutPRO’s exclusive DFS analysis. Still have questions? Send us an e-mail, and we can give you more information on how we can help you win