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scoutPRO Fantasy Football Daily Games Tips

Have you heard about the fantasy football daily games offered on popular sites such as Draft Kings and Fan Duel? If so, you're not alone. Millions of dedicated fantasy football general managers (GMs) have discovered this new format that delivers the excitement of drafting a fantasy roster every week of the season. Whether you're "all in" with daily games or want to mix in some extra fantasy action to your season-long league, scoutPRO provides daily games software with reliable tips you can take to the bank.

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Fantasy Football Daily Games Software

In response to the rapid rise in popularity of daily fantasy football games, we have expanded our playbook to include a new winning formation. scoutPRO has formed a strategic partnership with daily game leader to support their variety of games. scoutPRO subscribers gain access to weekly rankings, reports, analytics and much more. The predictions produced by our software for accurate fantasy football daily games tips are tailored to DraftKings and Fan Duel's specific scoring systems. See our different subscription levels below to see how scoutPRO can help you start better lineups today!

Each subscription level has something to offer daily games players:

scoutPicker (free): our Pickers will have access to our top 10 daily fantasy football projections for daily games sites Draft Kings and Fanduel based on their unique scoring systems. We also offer some exclusive daily fantasy advice to those who sign up for our newsletter.

scoutPerformer ($19.99): You will have access to our full daily fantasy projections for Draft Kings and Fanduel. Not only do we provide rankings by position, but we also have projections for how many points each player will score so you can assess how much of a drop off there will be from one potential selection to another. Additionally, we have exclusive daily games advice from our expert Nelson and guest bloggers, including weekly sneaky plays for Draft Kings- these are players that not many people may select but they can be valuable based on their matchup that week.

scoutProjector ($59.99): At the second best tier, you get everything a scoutPerformer gets, as well as full daily player usage, value, and analytics reports. Plus get full access to Email Q&A with our fantasy expert Nelson Sousa! Feel free to ask him any DFS questions you might have through email, and he will get back you as soon as possible! Nelson's one-on-one insight will be invaluable to finishing in the top half in your DFS fantasy leagues! 

scoutProfessional: At the top tier you will have access to everything the Projectors have access to and so much more. You can pick Nelson’s brain 24/7 for tips and advice on your daily games roster, plus you will have the opportunity to request customized analytics based on the Draft Kings and Fanduel scoring systems. You also get access to our weekly stacks reports and Nelson's insider picks. 


From advanced analytics tailored to your team and specific players, to 'round the clock access to Nelson, the secret recipe to winning your fantasy football leagues is there when you need it.  Learn more about this VIP fantasy football subscription here.


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