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Fantasy Football Player Rankings

scoutPRO fantasy football software is the easiest way to track NFL player performance around the league and optimize your roster. Our straightforward and easy-to-navigate platform removes the clutter and confusion of dealing with paper printouts and data that quickly becomes obsolete; instead, it gives you the ability to rank fantasy players with cutting-edge software and analysis. If that isn’t welcome news to the busy general manager (GM) who wants to dominate the competition, we don’t know what is.

Check out powerful player rankings features available to scoutPRO subscribers for analyzing players on the draft board, utilizing fantasy cheat sheets and optimizing your roster on a weekly basis.

scoutPRO Fantasy NFL Draft Rankings

While you likely have a strong idea of the players you plan to target for your fantasy draft, formulating a strategy on how to best utilize your picks can be a challenge. Our fantasy football draft rankings provide insight into how players stack up on the board, helping you make accurate predictions about which NFL players will represent the best value. Comprehensive draft rankings for fantasy players are sortable by point totals, name, position and team to help GMs quickly and efficiently prepare for the draft. Draft rankings are produced using highly accurate information collected and analyzed with scoutPRO data.

Weekly Rankings for Fantasy Football Roster Optimization

No matter how talented your team appears on paper, the success of your season comes down to how you manage your roster week in and week out. scoutPRO reduces the workload for busy GMs by using our proprietary evaluation system that takes into account player statistics, historical performance and external variables, such as game-day weather conditions, to produce accurate rankings. Used in conjunction with our complete suite of tools and features for scoutPRO subscribers, weekly rankings make it easier to identify the right players to start on game day.

Cheat Sheets for Acing the Draft

Nelson’s cheat sheet is exclusive to scoutPRO and provides the simplest way to advance your draft program. Created by scoutPRO expert Nelson Sousa, the cheat sheet includes top to bottom rankings for NFL players on the draft board. The easily scannable format provides a clear picture of the draft as it is projected to unfold — it lists players by position in order of greatest scoring potential. Our fantasy football cheat sheet is just another tool you can leverage in your quest to become a dominant force in your fantasy football league.



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