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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets – The Secret to a Dynamic Fantasy Draft Program for the 2016 Season

*Cheat Sheet Last Updated 9-5-2016

Having a good fantasy football cheat sheet is the key to a successful draft. To be a successful general manager (GM) of a fantasy football team, you must use every advantage at your disposal to draft the best players for your team. In order to be the best, you don’t have to emulate NFL coaches such as Bill Belichick, who is probably up in New England burning both ends of the candle in order to be the most informed and prepared on draft day. All you need is scoutPRO fantasy draft roster tools and our unique fantasy football draft cheat sheets to become a dynasty in your league.

Here is a sneak peak of our 2016 fantasy cheat sheet. Premium subscribers will have access to our complete cheat sheet.

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Using scoutPRO for your NFL Fantasy Draft Cheat Sheets and More

Having a more advanced fantasy football program for draft day than your competition provides an edge that lasts all season long. With a premium scoutPRO membership (learn more about the different levels here) we give you everything you need, including a complete fantasy cheat sheet. Our cheat sheet is especially handy in the later rounds. Instead of worrying about who you know and don’t know, you’ll be plucking undervalued stars, up-and-coming talent and lesser known rookie players who are poised to put up big points while lifting your fantasy performance to new levels.

In addition to our fantasy football cheat sheet, our rankings and projections are invaluable as you make tough roster decisions as you create your team and manage it throughout the season. With rankings customized to 11 scoring systems, you are sure to have the information you need based on your specific league and scoring system.

What sets scoutPRO apart is the use of predictive analysis based on historical tendencies and detailed subjective ratings combined with genuine insight supplied by the most prominent experts on the web.

As you prepare for draft day, we have one final trick up our sleeve to help you start the fantasy season off right. Our expert, Nelson, answers questions for all of our Projectors (what we call “Ask Nelson”). Our Professional subscribers get a one-on-one phone call with nelson to prepare for their drafts.

Whether you’re on the clock in the early rounds or presented with a sudden trade opportunity, Nelson’s Fantasy Football Draft Cheat Sheet is a game-changing draft tool that helps you get the most out of each and every pick.


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