Are You Ready To Become a Fantasy Draft Wizard?

Competitive Sports Analysis, a leading force in the sports tech industry and creator of scoutPRO®, is letting our loyal subscribers know we aren’t the only ones on the Web with groundbreaking fantasy football tools. Our friends at FantasyPros have developed an exciting new product for fantasy football general managers (GMs) called the Draft Wizard and we’re proud to share it with our fans. It’s our goal to deliver the edge you’re looking for to trump the competition, and Draft Wizard fantasy pro software provides an exciting new element to preparing for the draft.

FantasyPros Draft Wizard

Fantasy football and fantasy baseball seasons are often one and lost in the draft room, and Draft Wizard by FantasyPros is a dynamic tool to help GMs build a better roster. This brilliant 4 in 1 tool comes complete with a Draft Simulator, Draft Analyzer, Draft Assistant and Cheat Sheet Creator, supplying everything you need to nail your fantasy football draft.

Anyone who has ever experienced it knows that successfully preparing for your fantasy draft takes a lot of time and effort. No matter how often you go through it in your head, or how deep you drill into the facts and statistics, it can still feel like a guessing game in the end. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop to save valuable time while producing dramatically improved results, Draft Wizard is the fantasy football and baeball pro software you are looking for.

The Draft Wizard Fantasy Pro Advantage

FantasyPros have developed an amazing tool that turns every GM into a fantasy draft wizard. The power to run a mock draft in minutes, instantaneously analyze results, import expert cheat sheets and edit them on the fly delivers a decisive edge in preparation over the competition. You even gain access to consensus picks at draft time and receive live support with expert advice from a fantasy football draft evaluator.

Fantasy Football Draft Analyzer

Draft Wizard fantasy football pro software not only gets you ready for your draft like never before, it also guides you through the process to make it as productive and stress-free as possible. The draft analyzer feature provides on-the-spot evaluations of both your mock and real drafts, so you can gain a realistic perspective on the quality of your picks as you proceed. Used in conjunction with the cheat sheet creator and draft assistant, fantasy GMs will draft like a pro from the crucial first round until the final pick goes off the board.

Become a Fantasy Draft Wizard Today!

As a scoutPRO user, you will experience the awesome power that comes with having world-class fantasy football and fantasy baseball software in your corner that helps you choose who to start and how to optimize your roster all season long. Adding a tool like Draft Wizard from FantasyPros puts yet another winning play in your game plan to help dominate your league.

*A FantasyPros Draft Wizard subscription is not included with your scoutPRO subscription.

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