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Each week fantasy football team owners are faced with tough roster decisions, but scoutPRO is here to help! Our roster optimizer tool takes into account our custom fantasy football rankings to suggest the perfect fantasy football roster based on each player’s outlook that week.

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scoutPRO’s roster optimizer is a revolutionary tool to help fantasy owners make roster decisions each week . It is designed to provide access to the most complete information about NFL players to add to the roster and start on game day. When it comes to fantasy football tools and roster optimization, scoutPRO is the proven choice for ease of use and award-winning accuracy.

Here's How It Works

1) Load all of your fantasy football rosters. With the URL of your team, you can import your roster from different sites. If the site you use is not listed, you can also manually import your players or we can do it for you!

Custom Fantasy Football Rankings: Roster Optimizer

2) To optimize the roster of a team, select the one you would like to view.


3) Once on this page, your optimized roster will be seen on the right. This has taken into account your league’s scoring system (this information is imported automitically when you import your roster). On the right you will see projections for all of your players.

Custom Fantasy Football Rankings: Roster Optimizer-2 


How Does the Roster Optimizer Work?

In order to produce winning results week in and week out, fantasy team owners need the most up-to-date and accurate information. scoutPRO’s roster optimizer takes all of this information into account through our custom fantasy football projections.

Our unique roster optimization tool will become a secret weapon, allowing you to select the best lineup possible every single week. scoutPRO’s software is so easy-to-use that you can customize your settings based on any of the top nine fantasy site settings as well as your individual league rules – making it perfect for building rosters and easily managing multiple leagues. With a trick up your sleeve in the draft room such as a roster optimizer that assists in successfully addressing player needs by position, the prospect of assembling an unstoppable fantasy football 2016 roster is as good as in the bag.


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