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A hallmark of a successful fantasy football player is having the will to exhaust every means available in order to get the most out of the talent on their roster. While most general managers (GMs) focus the majority of attention on preparing for their league’s NFL player draft and making the right decisions on which players to start on a weekly basis, certain X-factors come into play with the potential to provide teams with a serious advantage.

One of the most difficult and underrated aspects of building a fantasy football dynasty is making a team better through player trades. Normally a tricky proposition, with accurate and trusted fantasy football trade help GMs can successfully build a more balanced roster, recoup value on under-utilized players and come out on the winning end when swapping top-of-the-line talent and draft picks with the competition.

To see an example of the how the fantasy football trade analyzer works, watch the video below: 

Fantasy Football Trade Help You Can Count On

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Have you always considered making a trade but don't know where to start? Let scoutPRO® assist with our all-new optimal fantasy football trade creator tool, designed to help users hold onto their most valuable players while acquiring talent that can put them over the top. 

How the Fantasy Football Trade Creator Works

When you are looking for a way to improve your team without getting rid of your highest scoring players, the fantasy football trade creator helps formulate the optimal trade proposal. Simply tell the fantasy football trade analyzer which fantasy players you are looking for and who you are willing to trade from your roster, and it will find a number of helpful trades based on roster optimization.

Fantasy Football Help for Trades and More

scoutPRO is widely respected as one of the most effective roster optimization software solutions available on the web. Designed to be a one-stop-shop for busy fantasy GMs searching for a decisive advantage in optimizing rosters and winning their league, scoutPRO continues to add to its impressive capabilities with the trade creator. Now our users not only get accurate weekly fantasy rankings, up-to-date player injury reports and the ability to access expert advice on who to start each week of the season, but they can also press their advantage over the competition by using our fantasy football trade analyzer to consistently make trades that maximize the talent on their rosters.

The Historical Power of the Trade

Although more of a rarity in the NFL than other American sports, player trades have been effectively used to transform rosters and build championship teams. Franchises such as the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Denver Broncos have all famously used in-season or draft day trades to build rosters that would carry them to multiple Super Bowl victories. The most successful fantasy football GMs learn their lessons well, and with the help of our optimal trade creator, they can use trades as another effective means of optimizing their rosters.

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