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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Does scoutPRO® support multiple scoring formats?

You betcha. scoutPRO’s software is so easy-to-use that subscribers can customize their settings based on any of the top eight fantasy football site's settings (Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sports,, Fleaflicker, FFPC, MyFantasyLeague and RealTime Fantasy Sports) as well as their individual league rules – making it perfect for building rosters and easily managing multiple leagues.  Note:  We do not currently support IDP or Team Quarterback positions.

2. How exactly are ratings provided?

scoutPRO’s innovative methodology takes the guess work out of fantasy football by calculating skill ratings and converting them into fantasy points, so GMs have an accurate, numerical measurement to help them make winning decisions.

Winning coaches look at the historical performance and individual skills of their players as well as those of the opponent to make strategic gridiron decisions.  scoutPRO uses this same coaching model to regularly update projections based on opponents, player skills such as arm strength, injuries, past performance and even game-day weather.  For example, we deliver fantasy points for an offensive player based on his skill ratings and the ratings of the defensive line he’s up against.

3. How often is statistical data updated?

Ratings are updated each week based on the opponent, injuries, weather and other factors. Our philosophy is to compile statistics over a period of time so that we can analyze meaningful tendencies - we do not want to react to a change that occurs in one or two games. During the season, we regularly update statistics based on player performance while in the offseason we update statistics based on the previous year. Genius, huh?

4. How much does it cost and how long is a subscription valid?

We introduced tiered pricing in 2013 to meet the skill levels and needs of every type of fantasy fan.  There are four different tiers, ranging from FREE to $149.99 per season.

5. What are the different tiers called and what is included in each tier?

Our four tiers are Picker, Performer, Projector and Professional.  As you move up each level, the amount of content you can access increases.  We think it’s a pretty sweet deal.  For detailed information on all the fantasy data included in each package, click here.

6. Who’s the expert?

Like every great team  we also have a secret weapon.  His name is Nelson Sousa. As one of the leading fantasy football players in the world, Nelson assists in weekly scoutPRO player ratings and recommendations. He’s a well-known industry expert who has consistently placed high on the leaderboard in the National Fantasy Football Championship (NFFC) and other high stakes leagues.  Our Projector subscribers get exclusive access to Nelson and his brain power.   

7. Does scoutPRO send out emails during the season?

Yup! We email newsletters periodically to keep subscribers up-to-date with news, sports analysis and special offers. Click here to sign-up on the homepage.  We pinky promise not to spam you.

8. How accurate is scoutPRO?

We eat and breathe accuracy.  That’s why we employ a team of nerds and techies to keep our data razor sharp.  In 2012, we finished the NFL fantasy football season with a nearly 60 percent accuracy rating according to FantasyPros.  With this much accuracy, it's no wonder the vast majority of our users say they plan to re-subscribe to scoutPRO next season.

In just four NFL seasons, scoutPRO has become one of the most popular fantasy football tools, beating Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and in accuracy. In 2012, our success was highlighted by a fifth place finish at quarterback predictions out of 88 experts.  Further, we beat more than 90 experts to secure the number one spot at wide receiver predictions for Weeks Two, Five, Eight and 15.  Impressed?  Yea, we thought so. 

9. What is the purpose of scoutPRO for Fantasy Football?

scoutPRO gives GMs highly accurate, league-winning predictions through smart, patented software that consistently beats the competition and revolutionizes roster management.

10. How do I sign up?

Click here to visit the registration page to sign up. On this page, you’ll also find information on pricing and instructions on how to register.

11. What if I need assistance in using or troubleshooting scoutPRO? 

We’ve got your back. Our videos (see videos) walk you through the process of importing your roster and using out awesome tools, such as the trade creator and roster optimizer.  If you need further assistance, send us an email or give us a shout on Twitter at @scoutPROfantasy.


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