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While every fantasy football tool on the market today claims to be the best, only scoutPRO possesses the full complement of data to back up that statement, providing top notch fantasy football statistical analysis to its users. When it comes to making predictions and optimizing your fantasy football roster from week to week, scoutPRO surpasses even the most well-known fantasy football tools.  In fact, scoutPRO is widely regarded as one of the best fantasy football draft software packages available today, as well as one the most easy to use!

Nothing compares with this revolutionary fantasy football draft tool specifically designed to optimize fantasy football rosters.  If you buy fantasy football tools from scoutPRO, rest assured your roster is ready for the competition. In fact, 80% of our users are so satisfied that they plan to re-subscribe to scoutPRO next season.

scoutPRO software represents a powerful tool to help players optimize fantasy football rosters on a weekly basis. This is because scoutPRO combines the experience and knowledge of top fantasy football experts with state-of-the-art statistical analysis for a more effective fantasy football tool. Predictions and recommendations are measured weekly, using data verification protocols established and authenticated by the Georgia Institute of Technology Systems Engineering staff.

In the world of fantasy football tools, scoutPRO software consistently outperforms competitors as a source for accurate recommendations and fantasy football draft analysis.

Create and manage your roster(s) with fantasy football tools:

Roster optimizer

Each week, optimize your fantasy football roster by comparing the ratings of players based on their strengths and weaknesses against a specific opponent:

Roster optimizer

Compare players at the same position and drill down into the analysis of skill ratings and statistics:

Fantasy player comparison

scoutPRO software gives you the accurate information you need to have the best fantasy football draft roster. Our fantasy draft tool is a game changer!

Fantasy Football Tools with a Proven Track Record

scoutPRO fantasy football draft tools are used to produce draft rankings analysis, providing general managers with the most accurate and pertinent information for the absolute best fantasy football drafts. The fantasy football draft analyzer uses objective statistical analysis of scoutPRO’s player modeling protocols to give you a fantasy football tool that makes drafts easier and more effective.

Our “learning software” tracks every single statistic and updates player ratings automatically, insuring your fantasy football roster will be optimized each week. Combine this statistical analysis with the in-depth profiles of our draft experts, and you have a piece of fantasy football software that can outperform all of the competing fantasy football tools with ease.

When you buy fantasy football tools from scoutPRO, you are guaranteed to have the most consistently winning fantasy football rosters in your league year after year, insuring you will always be in the championship hunt!


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