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scoutPRO Tools Help Fantasy Football Get Real Serious


The top fantasy football general managers in your pool all have one thing in common: they check the statistics of their team, players and competition on a regular basis. Staying up-to-date on the stats of real-world players plus what’s going on in their league allows them to properly field their players and match up against any potential opponent.


To help them stay in the lead, many of these GMs will turn to fantasy football comparison tools that analyze the field, teams, players and overall league stats. scoutPRO takes a lot of the guesswork out of comparisons and speeds everything up for quick decision-making. You can’t process information as quickly as a computer, but you can use our fantasy football team analyzer to locate problems with your lineup and make a quick change.


It’s time to join the big dogs who use fantasy football player analysis. Here’s how many are already using scoutPRO to win early and win often.


Draft Day


One of our favorite reasons for using the fantasy football player analysis tool is that it helps everyone plan out a roster. It makes it incredibly easy for you to develop a “cheat sheet” of sorts for your top picks and alternates when someone drafts that stud you’re after before you could swing it.


Whether you’re working online or playing with a local group of friends, knowing all of the options that can give you a winning team is a must during draft day. It also helps you avoid becoming your league’s most-hated player when you don’t realize a pick has already been taken and you’re forced to deliberate for what feels like hours (to you and the other players in your league).


You’ll also be happy to learn that fantasy football GMs use scoutPRO to compare players and help fight those bad habits. Did you pick a backup QB in the fourth round because of sheer panic? When you run potential teams and draft picks through our analyzer, you can get rankings and suggestions from draft rounds. Heed this guidance, and you won’t waste an early or mid-round pick on a backup who doesn’t play that often.


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16 Games


One reason fantasy football team analyzers and other player comparison tools exist is that there are a lot of things to consider when you’re looking at a single season. NFL teams play 16 games each season, so a bad day can really tank someone’s record. If your wide receiver hits a wet and cold day with a handful of dropped balls, an apples-to-apples comparison of that day can make them look like a bad receiver for an entire season.


scoutPRO, the best top fantasy football comparison tool, can prevent you from having to weigh in all of those variables by automatically adjusting rankings and scorings relative to the entire season and everyone else. Our smart tool will notice if everyone from a certain team had a bad day and can help you adjust expectations because of that.


Another aspect you need to consider is the strength of schedule for both your teams and the real NFL matchups where your statistics come from. This schedule will help you properly rate your top performers — whether they got beat by a much lower-ranked team, or if they ran up the score by an opponent they were expected to crush. Your league is running metrics to understand how these players will truly match up against each other, so you should be using the same metrics when building your lineup for the gridiron.


Deeper statistics and metrics can help you get a true comparison of talent, performance and situation, making our fantasy football player analyzer the best hidden weapon in your roster.


Optimizing Your Roster


Many leagues give you 14 to 18 players for each season, and many top GMs double-up on their important positions, such as quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, kickers and special teams units.


You likely spent a lot of time listening to a lot of “experts” tell you who was good, who might be an injury risk and where the hidden talent lies. After setting your roster, it’s time to keep up with everything that’s happening in all of their games, what’s going on off the field and how their performances compare to each other.


You want to find the studs in your lineup and run them accordingly. But, if your stud wide receiver is having a bad season, you want to know when the best time is to switch him out and put in the backup. Sometimes it’s hard to let go of that stud pick that cost you a lot, but our fantasy football player analyzer can make the decision much easier and less emotional.


Measuring all of those stats yourself and doing the comparison between each of your players for their respective position is a lot of work. These statistics can make or break your success each week — you wouldn’t want to try and start someone nursing an injury and may want to bench a QB who had an interception-prone Sunday — so they need to be done quickly and right. Top GMs in fantasy football compare players on multiple levels, but that can mount up to a lot of time and number crunching when you’re thinking of running different strategies.


To do this quickly and make sure the math is right, top GMs turn to our fantasy football comparison tool to run the analysis for their roster. The best thing about scoutPRO is that it lets you create a build that matches your specific taste and your league’s rules.


Adhering to league rules is especially important when you’re moving into a new bracket or trying out a new league. When stepping up to a league that offers a better cash payout or other goodies, it’s always great to have a partner that will keep you from running an improper team and losing a game by default.


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Checking for Injuries


Most fantasy football GMs have players from all over the league. Searching for stats on injuries and playing time can get a bit cumbersome, especially if you have a busy week in the office or at school. This is where just about everyone turns to an automated partner.


The mission of scoutPRO is to learn who has been injured, who was pulled from a game early, who is staying out due to a longer injury and who came back in after being walked or carted off the field. It’s our bread-and-butter to know what’s going on in the sports world.


You don’t need to waste your time digging for all that information. Simply log in to scoutPRO and see who has a worse rating this week due to an injury. You’ll get multiple ratings from guaranteed and probable to doubtful or no chance. These are varying degrees of certainty that the player will play in their next NFL matchup, which is important for you for two reasons.


First, putting in a player with an undesirable rating increases the likelihood of an injury in your fantasy league since most leagues monitor real-world injuries and adjust their players accordingly. A great thing about scoutPRO is that it also monitors Friday practices. You’re getting an up-to-date account where they’ll get a boost to likelihood of playing if they leave a game but make it back for practice.


Second, having an injured player in your lineup hurts your team. That’s a pretty obvious thing to read, but what happens if your player gets injured during a weekday practice? How much do you keep up with those stats? Playing injured players means you won’t have your optimal roster in place and could lead to an overall decrease in team performance, hurting everyone’s reputation. It’s an important note simply because picking scoutPRO — the best fantasy football comparison tool — will keep you from this issue.


Another great feature of our top-shelf fantasy football team analyzer software is the ability to track player rehab. Knowing how quickly your players can bounce back from an injury or who is prone to being out every-other game will be a big boon for your late-season strategy. Got an easy game coming up? You’ll be in the know to keep injury-prone players or those still in the late stages of rehab on the sidelines while still coming up with a win.


Integrating Playing Conditions


Denver always seems to give the home team an advantage thanks to its altitude, and many players get a little shaken up every time they visit the Ravens at home in Baltimore because of how well the crowd plays to the defense’s game.


Your leagues metrics take this into consideration, do you?


The easiest way to add in support for these kinds of secondary concerns is to adopt the top-shelf fantasy football comparison tool. There are lots of ins-and-outs that even regular fans don’t know about opponents because the matchups only come around once a year. Do you expect a Cowboys fan to understand all of the intricacies of playing in New York?


And for those late-season games, are you lucky enough to pull games in Dallas, or will you be braving the snow, rain and cold of the Northeast? And don’t forget a lot of the 2014 season, when mild temperatures evened out much of the playing field all across the country.


scoutPRO’s fantasy football team analyzer can help you match up players who perform well in certain conditions, meaning you just need to check out a weather report for the weekend, instead of trying to run your own statistical analysis on who seems less likely to slip. This frees you up for the standard considerations to your roster, such as rainy weather usually meaning a better rushing game, while hot and dry can be a wide receiver’s heaven.


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Learning the Game


You know football — it’s in your blood. But, do you know statistical modeling?


That isn’t innate for most of us, but it’s a big part of the true process for determining what the best lineup is for your next game day. Most tools on the market will do this for you, but the best — scoutPRO — will update algorithms and modeling based on the true outcomes of your league and any real-world NFL games. scoutPRO’s fantasy football player analyzer can keep up with established trends that slowly appear during the season, while some entry-level models may not get into the fine details.


scoutPRO even uses software that’s able to learn statistics and ratings, adjusting its scoring with the most accurate information. You’ll get software recommendations and player profiles that are reviewed by living experts, which provides an edge. These androids dream of electric pigskin, and that’s a big advantage for your next league.


Playing the Spread or Spreading Your Play


Some of the best GMs in your league are also likely the best GMs in a couple other leagues. Fantasy Football is addicting, and top-tier GMs often like to try out multiple strategies to see what works best, which means running multiple teams. You can try this out too and get an idea for what really performs — and there are plenty of free leagues to stick to so you’re not burning up your wallet in the process.


How do these greats keep everything separate? They rely on scoutPRO becauseit lets them upload information and manage each team or build separately. scoutPRO can help you keep your draft plans straight and validate choices through analysis. You never know how things will turn, but you can be sure that the scoutPRO fantasy football comparison tool can do a lot of the heavy lifting and allow you to simply fine-tune each of your layouts.


Fantasy football GMs compare players, teams and leagues to find the best fit and playing style both for the game and for their lives.


Have some fun and let scoutPRO do all that number crunching. Besides, your love of stats will help you win the day, but automating the math means more time to watch highlight reels and get a true gut feeling for how well you’ll do next Sunday.


Grab the Right Subscription


Once you’ve decided to take the plunge with scoutPRO’s fantasy football team analyzer, you should think about how much you’ll be using it and what you want to pay for. There are a lot of systems that make you pay up-front, but scoutPRO offers a variety of different subscriptions to help you ease into the process.


You can start with free options that provide you with depth charts, individual stats, weekly updates and even some Top 10 rankings, which can make building out your roster easier. Once you’ve got your feet wet with the system, it’s easy to upgrade for advanced features that will take your game to the next level. It’s an inexpensive way to have a lot more fun playing the game. You’ll be spending less of your own time analyzing trades, optimizing lineups and predicting the fantasy points you’ll be earning on your next win.


It’s time to up your game and master the gridiron with scoutPRO, the right fantasy football comparison tool.