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Fantasy Football Draft Analysis

Throughout the fantasy football draft season, Nelson (and a few guest bloggers) will be providing insider information based on months and months of research. Be sure to check back every week for updates and new articles!

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Getting ready for fantasy football drafts is one of the most time-consuming aspects of playing fantasy sports, and it is vital to your season-long success. This may sound daunting, but do not fear… our in-house expert Nelson is here to help!

With draft analysis and draft predictions from scoutPRO, you can gain an early edge on the competition and save yourself some time because Nelson (and a few guest bloggers) has done the grunt work for you. He has spent the entire off-season watching film and analyzing teams and players so he can have all of the answers to your burning fantasy football questions.

When it comes to fantasy football draft projections we have it all, including: Trap Players, Breakout Rookie Stars, First Round Busts, Sleepers and Comeback Players. Through our constant analysis and critiquing, our articles and draft projections keep you equipped with all of the knowledge you need for a successful fantasy football draft. With a unique take on player analysis, Nelson will surely keep you entertained as well as informed throughout the long fantasy football draft season.

Here’s an excerpt from one of Nelson’s 2015 articles, “Knowing When to Buy the Store Brand

“Like many of us do when we go to the supermarket, we have to make decisions between buying the store brand vs. the name brand. Almost always the store brand is less expensive than the name brand, and in most cases it is incredibly cheaper than the name brands.

Here is my list of players that I compared that I believe will have similar production to the player being drafted higher. Next to each player I have a rough estimate of where each player is being drafted in high Stakes leagues as of today.

Shane Vereen (7th to 8th RD) vs Andre Ellington (3rd-4th RD)

Larry Donnell (18th to undrafted) vs Jason Witten (8th to 10th RD)”

Check back every day for insider information as you prepare for your fantasy football drafts.

Season-Long Fantasy Football Analysis and Recommendations

Not only do our articles help you before the season, but the advice doesn’t stop when the first game kicks off. Throughout the season, Nelson will also be providing waiver wire pickups (premium subscribers only) and Start’Em Sit’Em [link:] suggestions on top of his regular analysis articles.

Looking for more draft tips for the 2015 season? Check out scoutPRO’s draft tips and start your success early!

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