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NFL Team Depth Charts

When it comes to choosing the right players to draft to your roster and making informed decisions on who to start on a weekly basis, accurate NFL team depth charts can be a major asset. scoutPRO subscribers have access to complete up-to-date depth charts of every team in the league, delivering all the information you need to make the correct decisions a greater percentage of the time.

NFC EastNFC NorthNFC SouthNFC West
Dallas Cowboys Chicago Bears Atlanta Falcons Arizona Cardinals
New York Giants Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers San Francisco 49ers
Philadelphia Eagles Green Bay Packers New Orleans Saints Seattle Seahawks
Washington Redskins
Minnesota Vikings Tampa Bay Buccaneers St. Louis Rams


AFC EastAFC NorthAFC SouthAFC West
Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens Houston Texans Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins Cleveland Browns Indianapolis Colts Kansas City Chiefs
New England Patriots Cincinnati Bengals Jacksonville Jaguars Oakland Raiders
New York Jets Pittsburgh Steelers Tennessee Titans San Diego Chargers


Why Are NFL Team Depth Charts Important in Fantasy Football?

A wise man once said, “You can’t score from the sideline.” NFL depth charts help fantasy general managers (GMs) stay on top of what is going on around the league by viewing which players are currently slated to receive the majority of playing time.

Whether you’re preparing for your fantasy football draft or selecting your roster for the championship game, a quick review of accurate depth charts helps ensure you never start a player relegated to backup status. At the same time, it also helps you identify the players who have moved up the ranks as a result of improved performance, an injury to a teammate, recent trade or any other contributing factors.

What Are the Advantages of Using scoutPRO Team Depth Charts?

As a comprehensive source of information for NFL fantasy football, scoutPRO is a revolutionary product that gives GMs the competitive advantage they need to dominate the competition. Our software makes life easy by supplying the information you need, when you need it, all in one convenient place.

With scoutPRO, our NFL depth charts contain the latest information and are frequently adjusted based on breaking news and official personnel reports. Our depth charts are easy to access from the NFL fantasy football drop down menu, and they provide the player information you need organized by team, position and ranking.

Fantasy football GMs can also use NFL depth charts, in conjunction with our other features such as the Player Comparison tool and Roster Optimizer, to select players with the highest scoring potential. Not only can you quickly gain perspective on where a player sits on the depth chart, but you can also access individual statistics and player fantasy ratings.

Not all second-string wide receivers, running backs, tight ends or even quarterbacks are created equal, and our depth charts help you identify the real players on every pro roster poised to put up significant points — scoutPRO NFL depth charts help GMs keep track of which players are sidelined for the week or the season.

Premium scoutPRO Subscriptions

scoutPRO premium subscriptions include:

  • Access to our exclusive fantasy sports E-Newsletter
  • Easy-to-master tools for managing and optimizing fantasy rosters
  • Complete MLB and NFL fantasy depth charts and statistics
  • The ability to more accurately compare players and analyze trades in less time
  • A direct pipeline to online fantasy experts for news and in-depth analysis
  • Opportunities to have your questions answered via email by scoutPRO experts (available at Projector and All-Access levels for NFL only)
  • Accurate predictive data and projections at your fingertips
  • Multi-year discounts (for Performer and Projector levels) or a dual-sport value package at the All Access level


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