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Patented Software for Fantasy Football Statistics

scoutPRO’s innovative methodology exceeds a 60% accuracy rating thanks to a unique blend of analytics and human insight. Using sophisticated fantasy football statistics (similar to the analytics used in the book MoneyBall, by Michael Lewis) plus insights from High Stakes experts (National Fantasy Football League Champions), scoutPRO’s tools identify strengths and weaknesses of players for specific situations. As a result, you’ll know how well a specific player will do against a particular opponent, making your roster choices much easier.

In fact, scoutPRO’s tool approach is so unique that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent for this fantasy football statistics approach: “Methods for Predicting Performance of Sports Players Based on Players’ Offsetting and Complementary Skills” (US 8,447,420 B2). That makes scoutPRO the only sports analytics company with a patented blend of objective and subjective data.


fantasy football statistics 

How does it all work? Here’s a brief primer.


scoutPRO’s experts have developed a set of attributes that define each position on the team roster.  For example, a football quarterback is evaluated based on traditional fantasy football statistics such as past passing accuracy, the number of interceptions, the number of field goals thrown, etc. scoutPRO’s fantasy football statistics also incorporate subjective ratings from fantasy football experts. These include quarterback arm strength, “poise in the pocket,” performance under different weather conditions and accumulated as well as recent player injuries.




These attributes are grouped into types (offensive or defensive); they’re also linked to complementary skills on the same team. In addition, these skills are linked to corresponding offsetting skills on the opposing team. In short, scoutPRO’s fantasy football statistics incorporate a wide range of variables, providing sophisticated and accurate blend data that helps predict your ideal team roster on a weekly basis.


There’s even more. scoutPRO’s fantasy football algortithm customizes your point predictions for the top 8 fantasy site settings as well as their individual league rules. That means you spend less time doing the math and more time enjoying the game.


Take the guesswork out your fantasy football choices this season. Dominate your league by signing up with scoutPRO today!


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