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Now that you have discovered scoutPRO, it’s time to take a closer look at our individual subscription levels and NFL fantasy draft software prices. View our fantasy football software 2016 prices below, and choose the subscription level that’s right for your needs!

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NFL Fantasy Draft Software Costs

scoutPRO offers subscription levels and fantasy draft software prices to meet the budgets of every fantasy enthusiast. Whether you’re determined to prove your stripes in your office’s fantasy league or you’re locking horns every week with the toughest competition on the Internet in high stakes fantasy football, you’re sure to find the predictive data, expert advice and innovative tools to optimize your rosters and win your league.

  • NFL Picker

Fantasy football software costs can seem prohibitive at first, until you discover the value of an accurate program. The free Picker level is perfect for anyone interested in experiencing the benefits of our award-winning NFL fantasy draft software. With access to depth charts, player stats, top 10 player rankings and our E-Newsletter, you’ll get a real taste for the tangible advantages of signing up for a paid subscription.

  • NFL Performer

Premium NFL fantasy draft software pricing starts with the Performer, where subscribers receive everything included at the Picker level and a whole lot more. The Performer level includes full player rankings, depth charts, daily fantasy football reports and player statistics. At a single, affordable annual fantasy draft software cost, you can view exclusive predictive data and perform head-to-head comparisons that immediately pay dividends in dominating your league.

  • NFL Projector

For the fantasy general manager (GM) who is fully committed to the success of his or her program, our Projector fantasy football software prices are a value that ensures your hard work doesn’t go to waste. The Projector level provides access to a full suite of features, including the most advanced tools on the Internet for analyzing trades and optimizing rosters. As an extra incentive, NFL Projectors get the opportunity to ask their specific fantasy questions by email to our resident scoutPRO experts.

  • NFL Professional

Our Professional level is for fantasy football GMs who want personalized analytics and one-on-one advice from an expert. Our pro, Nelson, will be there every step of the way from your draft preparation to your championship win! You will receive everything that our NFL Projectors do, but so much more. A one-on-one draft prep call with Nelson can help you with strategy, players to look out for, etc. Then, anytime throughout the season that you have a question, you can e-mail him for help. We will also have a weekly group call with just Professionals to talk fantasy football. If you want personalized analytics for your teams and certain players, we have that too! Each week you can request a report on up to three players in addition to analytics on your teams.

Ready to take your fantasy game to the next level? Choose the 2016 fantasy fantasy football software pricing level that’s right for you — subscribe to scoutPRO today!

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