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Fantasy Football Videos

All this talk of high-tech software and data algorithms got your head spinning?  Don’t worry, we make our software easy for you to use.  Watch this how-to video to learn about our innovative fantasy football tools!

So you just signed up, but don’t know where to begin?  Here’s a step-by-step fantasy football video guide to navigating the members only area.

How to Create a Roster

The main focus of scoutPRO is superior roster optimization. This straightforward video guide demonstrates how easy it is to get started creating, saving, organizing and deleting rosters using our platform.


Adding Players to a Roster

Once you have created your roster, it’s time to start adding players. Watch and learn as one of our resident experts breaks down the simple steps for adding players to your roster by name, position, availability, points and more. This fantasy draft video how-to demonstrates the power of putting together a championship roster with scoutPRO.



Importing Rosters

Fantasy sports didn’t start with scoutPRO — it’s just where it went to get better. This helpful fantasy football video guide provides step-by-step instructions on importing existing rosters from popular online platforms such as CBS, Yahoo, ESPN or FleaFlicker. With scoutPRO, you can import your rosters and start managing them in just a few short clicks.



How to Use the Compare Players Tool

scoutPRO turns time-consuming tasks — such as comparing players — into something that can be accomplished with greater accuracy in a matter of moments. This fantasy draft video guide demonstrates how to generate head-to-head comparisons of players at the same or different positions. Ratings projections are compiled based on applicable skill sets of the position player using the specific scoring system dictated by your league.



How to Use the Fantasy Football Trade Creator Tool 

Making trades is an exciting yet risky aspect to fantasy sports. This detailed video guide is all you need to unlock the full potential of our innovative roster optimization software. Use our software to come out on top during every fantasy player swap.


scoutPRO Paid Subscription Levels

Not a scoutPRO member or simply curious about everything your subscription covers? Let’s take a closer look at our premium membership levels to help you capitalize on the features demonstrated in these videos.

scoutPerformer: After getting a taste of the scoutPRO advantage with the scoutPicker newsletter subscription, the Performer level provides a major step up in elevating your fantasy program. In addition to depth charts, player stats, top 10 player rankings and our insightful e-newsletter, Performers have access to full player rankings, scoutPRO predictive data and our Compare Player Tool.

scoutProjector: For the goal-oriented fantasy general manager (GM), the Projector subscription provides everything included at the Performer level and a whole lot more. With access to our Trade Analyzer Tool, Lineup Optimizer Tool and special email-our-experts Q&A feature, you’ll be on your way to building a dynasty.

scoutProfessional: If you are a high stakes fantasy player, our Professional level is just for you. You will receive access to everything scoutPro has to offer. This includes unlimited access to our fantasy expert as well as weekly analytical reports for up to three players of your choice. 

Our paid subscription options can give you a clear edge over the majority of your competition. Contact us today to learn more!


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