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Why Buy scoutPRO?

General managers (GMs) everywhere agree that scoutPRO is one of the best fantasy football tools for beating out the competition. But is it worth the investment? Take a look at the top 5 reasons to subscribe to our award-winning fantasy football software.

  1. Reliable Data and Accurate Predictions

    Before scoutPRO, a fantasy GM had to spend maddening amounts of time sifting through an endless maze of unreliable sources for predictions. Then, scoutPRO introduced an innovative new roster optimization tool that uses predictive analysis, historical tendencies and subjective ratings to identify the strengths and weaknesses of players in specific situations. The results sent shockwaves through the industry and cemented our fantasy football reputation. Our fantasy football software reliably provides fact-based information that you can trust - better than any other data found on the Internet.

  2. Time-Saving Fantasy Football Tools

    To thrive in the highly competitive fantasy sports landscape, GMs need accurate player predictions to select a consistent winning roster. Without a comprehensive suite of fantasy football software tools, the process is time-consuming - more like a full-time job than a fun diversion. With scoutPRO, busy GMs have everything they need to make the right decisions on which players to draft, trade and start each week.

  3. Expert Knowledge for an Added Dimension

    Unlike other fantasy football tools, scoutPRO combines statistics, lists and computer-generated information with expert analysis from some of the most famous names in online fantasy sports. When you're a scoutPRO premium subscriber, you can even contact these experts via email with your specific questions.

  4. Daily Game Fantasy Football Software

    At scoutPRO, we're always expanding our playbook to ensure we stay ahead of the competition. With the sudden rise in popularity of daily games, we have created an affiliate program with our friends at Draft Kings to provide targeted content. This helps GMs make more informed weekly roster decisions. We also provide Draft Kings and FanDuel worksheets as well as Draft Kings position reports that outline prices for players on each NFL team to help GMs asses their value in the daily games.

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  5. Subscription Options for Every Level Player

    Some online fantasy football tools are so expensive and in depth, and they're only accessible for the most dedicated players. Others have incorrect data or ignore the competitive side of fantasy sports. Luckily, scoutPRO's tiered fantasy football software subscription structure provides an entry-point for fantasy players of every level. Whether you want to prove yourself in your Sunday office league or are all about entering daily games on, you can get the support you need to dominate the competition.

Experience the scoutPRO advantage for yourself today! Subscribe for a premium subscription to access fantasy football software that's capable of lifting your game to the next level.


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